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ladymouse2's Journal

27 June 1947
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This is a reading journal for Ladymouse.

Otherwise, let's see...American, residing in Georgia, working illustrator for too many years to mention, in fandom since printzines, i.e. about 30 years, drew a lot of Star Wars and Harrison Ford story illustrations and even wrote a few of them; rediscovered fandom with Captain Jack Sparrow and only lately bumbled into online fandom.
ancient history fiction/mysteries, archaeology especially egyptian/minoan, art dollmaking, black pearl sails group, carroll's alice, children's illustration, children's literature, costuming, fantasy, good omens, harrison ford, humor, indiana jones, jack sparrow, lawrence of arabia, mary renault's greek novels, mask art, movies:'30s-'40s, neil gaiman sandman series, pirates of the caribbean, pogo, prehistoric cave art, puppetry: adult/juvenile/world, rose is rose, science fiction, sherlock holmes, silent film, star wars first trilogy, stitch